On Hegemony, theory, transdisciplinarity and creativity

#Becomingeducational W24 – after the dancing – a little bit of theory!!
Here’s a blogpost from Maha Bali a #rhizo14 classmate from Egypt. She is wrestling with the role of theory in shaping our thinking about teaching and learning… as are you!! Do read her blog and see how it helps your thinking!!

(Initial) Reflecting Allowed

This is going to be a heck of a messy meta-blogpost! it might only make sense to someone who knows me really closely, and maybe even not, but I need to blog to organize my own thoughts.

I have not blogged in what seems like ages (but is really only a few days) mostly because of other writing commitments. It seems funny to me, because I was originally worried my blogging would detract from my academic or semi-academic writing, but now I am actually a bit upset that my academic writing is taking me away from blogging! Go figure!

I am going to mention snippets of thoughts from different avenues and try to bring them all together somehow. Though they don’t need to come together, really, one’s life is multifaceted and we read and think about different things all the time. We just don’t usually write about them all in…

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