Wrapping up #Rhizo14

W19 ctd What is real education like? What would it look and feel like? This interesting blogpost from another #rhizo14 MOOCer engaged me – made me think – made me want to develop my own practice… What about you?

Abstract Pencil

sunset-111920_640Photo: jraisleger

I don’t know where to start this week, so I begin with someone else and then as the King said to the White Rabbit I shall, “go on till [I] come to the end: then stop”. So here’s a point made by Jenny, that got me thinking: “[t]he difficulty is that open spaces attract a diversity of learners. What is a negatively risky space to one will be a positively challenging space to another.  But whichever way you look at it, risk is a factor of open learning spaces.” I’m unsure about what this statement means to me. I have to ask if diversity is really so risky. All of this is depending of course, on what you mean on diversity too, slavery was a diverse space too I would argue the cost is far greater if you lack diversity, but possibly less noticeable…

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