Week 3 #Rhizo 14: Uncertainty, Hedgehogs, Compasses and a Yoruba Trickster god

#becomingeducational – getting ready for W20 – more projects are coming!! So how do we educate for uncertainty – for no easy answers – for change so fast we’re in danger of forgetting what we know…???


Disclaimer: I am one of those people that doesn’t really answer Dave’s questions.  Read no further if you are looking for useful information.  I proceed to unanswer his questions.

“It’s better to go into the world half-cocked
than not to go into the world at all.”

James Hillman

For some oddly rhizomatic reason, I started thinking about hedgehogs on Monday evening.  Mostly because as an introvert, I often feel like one, but in retrospect I see it as a kind of thread that I can weave into an answer to one of Dave’s provocative questions as a variation of  the “Hedgehog’s Dilema” for Wk 3:

Question 1: How do we make embrace uncertainty in learning? 

Unanswer 1: Here follows a parable by Arthur Schopenhauer from which the “Hedgehog Dilemma” originates:

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 1.43.20 PM

The original interpretation and meaning of the “Hedgehog Dilemma” appears to be about intimacy and relationships.  There is always…

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