Learning to learn in a MOOC

W18 – ctd… again!
This post reveals someone wrestling with their research ideas as some of you still are – as many of you have been – and as all of you who continue on the degree programme will do again. This struggle is happening at PhD level – we hope it shows that the struggle is not only normal – and frustrating – and practically universal – it is part of the process of learning. The more we choose our own learning goals and accept and engage in the struggle – the more we take control of our own learning – and the more fulfilling that learning is.
You note this person is interested in MOOCs – as are your #becomingeducational tutors. We love that MOOCs are open – free – even that they are massive – so you learn alongside people from all over the world – with all of their own reasons for studying… And that they have chosen to MOOC – and the only thing driving them through the MOOC is their own interest, engagement and energy. Oh if only all education were like a MOOC.

Four Things And A Lizard

I’m currently trying to put together my research proposal for my PhD project.  It’s frustrating, because I know what I want to do, but I’m struggling to articulate it.  I’m hoping posting it here, in casual and non-academic speak, will help me think my way through it.  And as many heads are better than one (especially my overworked blonde one!), I’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has!

Purpose:  I’m interested in how people learn to learn in MOOCs.  How they master the ‘tacit knowledge’ of being a student in a course that’s entirely optional, entirely online, and draws both on very traditional behaviourist pedagogical principles and new ideas of learning through connections to others.  How they acquire the technical skills of learning in the MOOC environment so they can then begin to learn the actual content of the course.  I don’t work from any particular theoretical perspective – I’m a pragmatic…

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