Imaginary Friend

Becoming… W5: Study Week: Participant Observation; field research; and field notes

This week the Becoming blog is coming to you courtesy of Mo Abdullahi – one of Quaco’s seminar group students.

Mo got out and about the University – he observed – he took great pictures – he made observations… and already we can see some possible avenues for further research.

Support Mo: read his blog; be inspired; give him some feedback; share your blog posts by adding them in the Comments box on Becoming.

Becoming an Educationalist

Week 5: Participant Observer

Imaginary Friend

Whilst reading the module handbook, I discover that it’s study week. I can’t deny that I’m relieved. I’ll be at work the night before Wednesday’s lecture, so it looks like a nice lie in is on the cards. I continue to scan the handbook and the next line jumps out the page. It says  “In pairs..” Great another group task. Having missed a fair portion of the lectures and seminars due to my employment commitments, I find that I do not know any of my fellow students to pair with.  Looks like I’ll be doing this alone. Feelings of annoyance and regret start to grow in me. I do my best to repress these emotions because I will end up procrastinating and make excuses not to do it.

The task is to explore the University’s different learning spaces as participant observer. Taking pictures and…

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